Bill of Fare

“With its varied menu and emphasis on fresh foods bought locally whenever possible, this is a charming and enticing addition to the local restaurant scene.”

Full review written by’s & The Times of Trenton’s Susan Sprague Review

Deep Rooted Flavor

“If Roots has a guiding philosophy in their cuisine, it seems to be delicious, elegant, comfort.”

Full review written by Hidden Trenton’s VegInCity
Hidden Trenton Review

Fast Casual Dining

“Liu sources seasonal ingredients locally as much as possible with attentive table service for a more relaxed evening.”

Full review written by U.S. 1’s Pat Tanner
U.S.1 Review

Roots Asian Kitchen

At dinner, a pair of pork buns were made with tender sliced belly with hoisin glaze, cucumber, scallions, chopped peanuts, and cilantro. We inhaled those, thinking “more please.”

Full review written by’s Faith Bahadurian. Review

Eastern Comforts at Roots Asian Kitchen

“The waiters were uncommonly welcoming. And the food was almost whatever you’d want it to be, Chinese or Thai, Korean or Japenese.”

Full review written by New York Time’s Phoebe Nobles
NY Times Review

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